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Pharma Flooring

The pharmaceutical industry is on the cutting edge of scientific progress and research, working around the clock to develop, test, and produce medications and treatments that improve the health outcomes and quality of life for patients across the globe. As pharmaceuticals are such a sensitive and precise science, great care must be taken to ensure that every aspect of the facilities involved, at every step in the process, is designed to protect cleanliness and avoid the risk of contamination. The type of flooring system installed could not be more important than in this industry. Pharmaceutical research often involves the use of a wide range of concentrated chemicals and dynamic organic compounds, and the flooring system in many spaces must be durable enough to withstand spills of potentially corrosive and/or toxic materials. Organic solvents frequently used to clean equipment in the pharmaceutical industry can damage many traditional flooring systems. Corrosion-resistant epoxy floor coatings and other resinous concrete floor coating systems are designed to withstand contact with these substances and minimize the risk of absorption, while protecting against structural damage to the slab.